Piss And Cum

Submitted by: mandipaulx
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Description: dirty wife, who loves to flash piss and take strangers cum in public...
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Kermit2012-05-02 16:05:57
Love it x
UPINYANOW2012-05-02 16:06:03
That is just plain nasty, I am sorry to say.
Rummy2012-05-02 16:09:12
Thats awesome
charlie2012-05-02 16:38:02
Well i have to say, I love the pics. Mandi. You can sit on my face and let it flow any day. Love ya boobs as well.
batman2012-05-02 16:39:50
I like pics. 4 , 7 n 12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!...but pic. 4 the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!
thatkinkyguy2012-05-02 16:39:50
Fucking incredible, love the shot of her pissing on him, made me so hard!
allbead11 (2 galleries)2012-05-02 16:47:44
mikee692012-05-02 17:18:17
Great set....well done....amazing pics!!!
revidffum2012-05-02 18:02:57
I'm not a big fan of the whole pissing thing, but you sure look good with a load on your face.
pumkin092012-05-03 02:47:50
That is nasty!!!!
hornyboy752012-05-03 02:53:11
Fuckin awesome !! More please!!
pussyfinder2012-05-03 04:08:25
interesting pics...she has a great body.
OneTrackMind2012-05-03 05:54:16
WOW!!!! Awesome. Would love to be the recipient of your hot spray.
mjw33582012-05-03 06:37:53
absolutely the hottest pictures on this site! thank you! pee on!!!
Sc505boy2012-05-03 07:31:48
Funny shit pissing on a dudes face.
stripe90002012-05-03 08:11:25
Where's the ticket line?
FuckMe69 (11 galleries)2012-05-03 09:55:29
this is amazing. young girlfriend id love to swap. labeast1@yahoo.com
cyclop2012-05-03 12:40:29
This is amazing!!!! Fucking love it..
UPINYANOW2012-05-03 14:03:33
What do you find "amazing" about public urination? I must be missing something.
420friendly2012-05-03 15:56:55
Wow, I'm in love
TigerBack2012-05-03 23:59:56
Ever come to Lincoln,I need a drink.
idanio2012-05-04 02:29:31
i like it
JackBranning22012-05-04 14:28:18
The best set I've seen on the site bar none!! Please please please Send me some more to wizzo1234@gmail.com
Toddgriffin572012-05-05 21:08:42
I would love to piss on you and let you piss on me
hornybigboy2012-05-06 19:11:33
Wow fucking wow,if you want to trade pics email me neilchristie92@yahoo.com me and my girl are well into watersports and then some
Monkey19602012-05-09 13:15:38
Keep pissing naked outside. Your so sexy, keep posting please
acideye2012-05-16 18:31:39
fuckin eh love it
acideye2012-05-16 18:34:08
thats 23 against 2 watersports rule!!
Midnightdean2012-06-09 00:35:20
Love it. Sexy babe taking a piss and flashing her pussy off in the process. What's not to like?. Hot hot hot
kinkynasos2012-06-15 11:59:36
Come to Greece to dring your hot piss!!!!!!!
pilgrim2012-06-20 09:04:19
Simply more of a sexy, beautiful lady and her man, sharing their sexy personal life. Well done,what an example to all couples.
Ras Al Ghul2012-09-02 17:18:08
Is pic #4 really you? Oh my God your fucking georgious!!! and seeing your face covered in cum has got my cock is SO hard, I think I'm gonna blow a load on my monitor
OneTrackMind2013-03-16 07:09:44
Yours is my favour post of all time on here!!
Wingman9292013-05-27 07:59:04
She's fun !! Just dare her and watch what happens
mjw33582013-06-14 11:02:27
cant get enuff...
fbell3302013-09-15 17:28:18
What's up with the third picture
brady1232014-09-02 19:23:49
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