My Ex Gf Best Friend

Submitted by: james33
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Description: Loved stripping off for me and used fck her all over when my ex gf was out at work
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CIP2012-09-20 02:27:38
Hottest gal ever on this site.
grimey (1 gallery)2012-09-20 02:50:38
Nice feet, love that pussy!
Zaqqy2012-09-20 04:14:40
Oh what a cutey with a nice looking pussy.
Mrmrsnasty (1 gallery)2012-09-20 05:02:32
clean pussy love it
billybob9873212012-09-20 06:31:10
what a hot little spinner
preston,england,sexmad2012-09-20 08:06:38
Excellent all rounder... Cracker.keep them cumin ummm
texasrebel2012-09-20 08:48:42
Beautiful feet and toes!
Tony (1 gallery)2012-09-20 10:47:30
I want a turn
Muff diver2012-09-20 17:05:54
So sexy
revidffum2012-09-20 18:28:50
That's a sexy little nerd girl right there. Bangin body.
Cookmonster9392012-09-20 18:45:13
I'm impressed james. She's smokin hot, picture #3 is amazing and no sign of penis anywhere.
stewie1812012-09-20 19:38:03
I certainly eat and fuck that cunt wow
pussyfinder2012-09-21 02:29:46
Favorites...very cute clit
brewtus10002012-09-21 04:44:49
please send more best on site
timmy2012-09-21 07:16:18
luv her bald pussy & asshole!!!!!!!!!! luv 2 lick her holes deep then fuck her holes deep & blow my cum deep in her throat!!!!!!!! please post more!!!!!!!!!!
batman2012-09-21 08:17:55
Kaz is efin smokein hot !!!...please post more of her !!!
italiano2012-09-21 09:30:25
can i destroy your wet ass?
mdt612012-09-21 22:59:52
Sweet!!!! I bet she tastes as good as she looks?
Low28 (10 galleries)2012-09-23 00:02:35
I would love to have my way with her ;)
firedude2012-09-28 03:00:17
Do.any of u.guys remember me sharing my wifes pix with u ? And if yes message me plz. Damn would love to luck evry hole and suck those toes.
jrbass822012-10-01 14:56:07
So hot with the glasses would lick that ass and pussy all day
annie wei sydney married whore2012-10-01 21:26:26
i know what id do .... id force my cock into all her holes without getting her ready .... then id get online and invite half a dozen guys or so around to use her as they wished for a nominal fee......... posted some pics of an asian slut my mate didnt use - only realsied his cock is big enough for most women and thats why he fucks and pays for asian whores.... he'd probably worship her feet and be happy if she ground her hot pussy all over his face ..... check out the comments on the pics i uploaded of the hottest little asian slut that he couldnt fuck properly.....
annie wei sydney married whore2012-10-01 21:27:46
sorry his cock IS NOT big enough .... wifeabuser's comments in her gallery are amusing!
speedschwanz2012-10-05 16:27:34
english lady i want you for one night
bandit4202012-10-12 14:53:42
batty2012-10-28 14:37:49
what a great looking pussy
HOT FREAK2012-11-02 19:35:20
cute body and cute feett
R44RJT2012-11-12 08:36:08
Love that pussy
wave2012-12-28 06:56:33
madre mia,q sexy
jam7158082013-01-07 14:36:41
really clean and lovley vagine, some great shots here, TY for sharing xx
Wingman9292013-02-06 19:54:53
I would fuck you cool !!!!!
Wingman9292013-02-06 19:56:16
Sweet pussy and feet !!
hornynympho2013-02-14 13:53:18
gorgeous feet!
shark102013-02-25 14:00:33
cute ass and sweet pussy
Luck E Guy2013-02-28 17:31:32
she is hot and the fact that she is your ex's best friend makes it even hotter. I'm sure we have all fantasize about fukin our girl's best friend. her pussy and ashole are so pink I just wanna dive in
Magicwandester2013-08-01 04:52:37
The CLIT!!!!
manly guy2013-08-09 13:45:29
Can she help me with my biology homework? Can she do it nude? Love the glasses. Very hot girl.
DragonMaster2013-12-16 06:25:57
Nice Very Nice!!!!!!. OH YES I WOULD!!!!!.
DragonMaster2014-02-14 16:11:48
Rovertogomez (21 galleries)2014-02-21 12:18:46
shes perfect!!!
Pussy lover2014-05-26 10:35:41
She has a nicer pussy then your ex
Sandraobciagara (2 galleries)2014-05-29 23:41:17
sweet feet and asshole
Ohiobuck772014-06-15 01:22:30
Very nice
belfastmike2014-09-02 04:44:47
Absolutely beautiful and sexy young lady :-)
DragonMaster2015-02-19 08:06:40
OH HELL YES, !!!!!!!!!!
trouble1971 (13 galleries)2015-04-16 07:30:16
I would love to dive into her ass
Jagger8892015-05-24 15:11:39
You're an angel! (2 galleries)2015-06-29 07:14:15
Hence the reason why your ex is your ex....BUT I woulda been fucking her too if I were in your shoes...shes very cute!
sexninjas (3 galleries)2015-07-08 05:26:27
I in love!!
painfulone2016-03-30 17:21:19
I would love to pound this bitches pussy until its so sore that she screams for me to stop. Then I would turn the bitch over and fuck her in the ass until I am ready to explode. I would finish blowing my load in the bitches mouth. Betcha this whore loves ass to mouth adventures!
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