My Beautiful Wife

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Description: Pics from our honeymoon
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mdt612011-06-09 12:47:40
Like I've said many times, if you find a woman that likes gettin fucked in the ass, marry her. Your beautiful wife is a dream come true, no doubt about it. Cheers!!!!
Jane Smith (1 gallery)2011-06-12 05:44:12
You are very lucky she is stunning please post some more. our email is with our pictures.
larry_5852011-06-18 04:59:15
love to have you sit on me
noobejoe (2 galleries)2011-06-30 04:26:56
shes so fucking hotwish she was mine..! love her tits, and her pussy!! please send me more
spolarski2011-08-22 00:02:21
Wow! Taking it up the ass while staring right in the camera for all to see her joy and ecstasy in the eyes. in OC-CA
F-932011-08-30 19:59:50
Wow! Yall are amazing! She is gorgeous
nielsenjames2011-09-12 11:50:08
very nice! Be sure you dont hog her, she needs lots of cock to keep her purring!
john..2011-10-08 10:23:12
Wat a hottie taking it in her ass..mmm..let me try..
looking for fun2011-12-01 03:59:25
a 3 hole chick is the best post more photos
tellmewhat2do2011-12-17 22:10:05
fritz2012-01-02 12:51:42
can i suck on that pussy while you have that dick up your ass
aletrr (4 galleries)2012-01-07 07:16:59
che gran bella figa.... msn:
nucoach2012-01-12 09:09:02
Id love to Fuck her asshole with my tounge, and Fuck it with my Big Hard Cock, with you all watching me wishing it was you !
taars2012-01-12 22:59:24
Liar,she's not beautiful, she's drop dead gorgeous. Would loveto see more.
pussyfinder2012-01-19 03:23:40
Amazing eyes, beautiful pussy, great figure...she is gorgeous. Please post more...
Jay31122012-01-24 17:18:32
med2812012-01-27 06:06:17
love it
bkl4wt2012-01-27 13:42:33
That ass needs blacked.
Toddgriffin572012-02-01 19:44:31
Send me more
1 Bigasman2012-04-03 21:03:52
Monkey19602012-04-16 14:35:04
Great face with sexy eyes and wonderful pussy. He is a luck fella..whish you were mine.
maxxes2012-04-20 03:44:40
BINGO! Real staff! Must try! @ or search youtube for "maxxes sexy commercial"
Zaqqy2012-07-12 03:11:05
Such a beautiful girl and a great smile too with a talented mouth.
eatthemall2012-11-24 19:56:55
Can I eat her???
Luvs2Watch2013-02-16 16:19:16
Hot chick! Smart man to marry such a hot slut! Does she know you've shared her honeymoon antics with all of her fan club?
hbk3032013-04-02 09:14:02
One sexy moefoe
hereoftheday (2 galleries)2013-08-13 10:38:06
Send pictures of different banada profit
DragonMaster2014-01-03 00:06:28
Nice Very Nice!!!!!!. OH YES I WOULD!!!!!.
Chippy2014-01-27 06:02:14
Beautiful,i wonder how many clocks she has had in her pass?
bigt (4 galleries)2014-02-22 07:01:39
Wingman9292014-05-17 07:30:02
She has fuck me eyes !
hornyoldguy2015-09-18 04:29:39
Did you share her with anyone else on your honeymoon?
justforkicks (1 gallery)2015-12-28 07:14:34
Sexy wife!!!, has she ever fantasized about being with a woman :)
love2lick2016-01-31 00:06:23
Would love to receive some pics. Send to
Licher772016-03-12 15:42:13
You are a very lucky man.
love2lick2016-03-13 23:31:55
She is drop dead gorgeous and likes to take it up the ass. She certainly a keeper. You are one lucky bastard.
Loko (1 gallery)2016-04-10 06:02:00
really awsome slut!
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