Bi-curious Wife

Submitted by: irishstorm
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Description: These are the pics my wife and I took to find her/us some women to play with? Any women interested leave a comment or send a message.
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budsman4202012-03-16 16:09:15
You aren't going to find women on here but I will fuck your wife since you are getting bored with her.
420friendly2012-03-16 16:09:40
Your wife has a fukkin smokin body sir. Ever looking for a man to fuck her while you vidio tape and take pics
breeder2012-03-16 17:25:20
Well I can eat pussy as good as any woman!!
reddboner2012-03-16 19:42:32
Hot lil body. Nice lil pussy. Can I have a go at it?
AceOfClubs2012-03-17 00:34:45
That is one sexy pussy. I'm jealous of anyone who gets to lick that.
Mr and Mrs Snootypants2012-03-17 07:55:57
Oh wow what a hot piece of ass!!!
batman2012-03-17 10:18:38
dam she looks great bent over !!!!!!!!!!!!!
jm652012-03-17 16:49:48
sexy and hott...
preston,england,sexmad2012-03-19 05:56:45
Give me a stiffy
budsman4202012-03-20 02:02:36
See told you!$!
arsebanger2012-03-20 10:19:06
What the heck ... I'll wear a blonde wig while I eat her. Close enough?
irishstorm (2 galleries)2012-04-11 23:23:51
She loves the comments leave more and we will post more pics
irishstorm (2 galleries)2012-04-13 17:16:16
Tell us what you would like for her to do
Low28 (10 galleries)2012-04-14 00:24:28
Wow she looks amazing please post more maybe some of you railing the shit out of her along with her sucking your cock
showmeyerpanties2012-04-25 10:55:34
I love how you get some pics with the panties still on. Put some panties made for an 8 year old on her, and jerk off and cum on her panties while she vibrates her clit through the undies, post lots of pics. Then fuck her brains out.
pussyfinder2012-05-03 19:40:23
She is so have to post again. Her spread open pussy pic is fabulous. :)
Taurus 2012-05-29 00:15:07
I'm jealous bro I'd stick My tounge up her ass if u would let me!! Mmm!
mjw33582012-07-18 18:14:19
beautiful pussy, i can see why you're a hairless fan. also like the nips!
TBK_151 (4 galleries)2012-08-25 15:32:01
Holy fuck guy that is fuckin lovely sexy fuckin fine ass lookin pussy she looks she would mind blowing killer fuck that pussy looks so god damn good I would love to see more her she is so fuckin georgeous in that sexy ass lingere
Toddgriffin572012-09-06 10:23:48
Spread those ass cheeks
trixie (5 galleries)2012-11-13 10:57:38
really love her in her white lingerie an would lick this well shaven slit
lovespussy1232013-02-11 08:47:29
Beautiful pussy and nice tits i would love to fuck her
hbk3032013-03-28 09:15:00
Sexy lady
Magicwandester2013-07-17 08:04:58
What lady, or me for that matter, wouldn't love to devour that spread open kitty?
trouble1971 (11 galleries)2013-11-08 18:14:04
Is the asshole unchartered territory? If so, tread on that ass bro, and let us witness the massacre!
slikywhite692015-03-14 08:11:39
Beautiful. Check out my Irish beauty.
Ohiobuck772015-03-30 00:20:29
Hell yeah! I want her!
chopper11112015-10-26 16:17:22
I would suck you off to get into that, fucking hot
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