Wife In Shower

Submitted by: rman
Girl Pictured: wife
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Description: the wife taking a shower
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Infantry7342012-12-18 20:09:54
Ummm, yeah, "She" looks like Sylvester Stallone.
Brreader1702012-12-19 07:46:05
John Kerry
hunglum2012-12-19 11:40:34
No more please...
Muff diver2012-12-20 16:15:19
I would so fuck the hell out of her
lizard2013-01-14 18:53:57
Holy sheep herder Batman! I know why she's in the shower... I can smell her from here! ROTFLMAO!
stingray2013-04-04 22:43:09
I want some of that! Mmmmm!
stingray2013-04-05 21:07:53
Dont listen to the rest of these guys, obviously they have never been layed! You are gorgeous and very adventurous to put your pics out there! Send them to me any time.
whiskey mark2013-05-16 12:41:03
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